Friday, November 12, 2010

Female Tattoos – A Unique Art

Tattoos were often considered to be the stuff of macho bikers that wanted to show that they can stand all that pain. Today tattoos have become part of mainstream culture and are being used by people who wish to show their appreciation for art and beauty. During the early days of this change the art of tattooing was more or less confined to men. It is only in recent that more and more women are going in for tattoos. This is because of a vast change in social perception where women tattoos are no longer frowned upon. There are several celebrities that have got tattoos and this has increased popular appeal for this form of art and also increased the social acceptance of tattoos on women. Because of this there are now new designs that specially appeal to feminine tastes.

Feminine tattoos are generally smaller and far prettier than those for men. Whereas male tattoos often include animals, logos, and other intimidating symbols tattoos for women feature flowers, butterflies, fairies, and similar concepts that represent delicacy and beauty. Tattoos for women feature thinner lines with more delicate coloring. They are not as aggressive in appearance as male tattoos. However, even this trend is undergoing a change because the increasing popularity of female tattoos has resulted in some women going in for heavy tattoos of the sort preferred by men.

Tattoo artists are now reporting that their largest clientele is made of women. They also state that women are better than men when it comes to the application of tattoos. For women, the design of tattoos is as important as the placement. Women spend far too much time comparing and selecting designs based on the body part where they intend to apply it. Though women are increasingly going in for heavier design elements their focus still remains on the sophisticated and the beautiful.

Two areas are generally preferred by women and these are the lower back and the tail bone areas. The lower back area is quite tantalizing and a sensitive spot for a woman to have a tattoo on. It is visible only in glimpses and like all things that are doled out in rare flashes this increases its appeal. Most of the designs for the lower back area tend to follow a V shape in order to accentuate the figure of the female form. Some of the most commonly used designs for this area include butterflies, angels, lions, hearts, insect wings, serpents, and several sorts of flowers. Nearly all designs are elaborated with wings or tendrils for a more balanced look. The lotus flower is supposed to represent the past, present, and the future. Flowers and animals are representative of femininity and fertility. Serpents and dragons are hints of trouble. The eagle represents courage and determination.

Another preferred area is the foot or ankle. These tattoos represent purity and simplicity. Professional and career minded women usually prefer foot or ankle tattoos because they are highly personal and not overbearing in any way.

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